How cashback works?

When you want to buy something online, go to retailer web site of your choice through and shop as usual. For this type of transactions, retailers pay us commission for generating the sale. The commission is shared with you as cashback. You can view your cashback earnings of your account at dealsncashback website.

What are the steps involved in earning cashback?

1) You need to register at dealsncashback web site. It is free.
2) Go to retailer web sites for shopping from web site after login to your account at dealsncashback.
3) Do shopping as usual.
4) Within 3 days, your transaction will be reported on site as pending transaction.
5) It may take up to 30 to 90 days for a pending cashback transaction to become confirmed and available for payment.
6) Once you have Rs 300 in your account, you will get paid automatically in the chosen payment receipt mode.

How can I ensure that my purchase is eligible for Cash Back?

You need to login to your Dealsncashback account before you visit retailer website. Complete the purchase in the same Window. Do not perform a search or click on any links or popups outside your browser window.

Can I use coupon and still get a cashback?

Yes, you can get cashback when you use coupon also. Some retailers pay different cashback rates for transactions with coupons and without coupons.

How do I get paid?

Payments are made thru NEFT transfer to your bank account. Payments are made automatically once you have Rs. 300 cashback earnings in your account.

Why does it take so long for cashback earnings to be available for payment?

Because retailers pay us after return & cancellation period(30 to 90 days) is over.