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Shopclues is a leading online shopping site in India. Started 2008, shopclues grew with internet growth in India. Shopclues offers wide range of categories for best price. Users can buy products in electronics, fashion, jewellery, toys, home, kitchen and more. Shopclues provides excellent customer service and secure platform for all transactions.


Wholesale & Factory Outlet Stores
Cashback: 2%
Cashback: 1%
All Catagories Except Electronics
Cashback: 7%
Gold Coins & Bars
Cashback: 2%
SHOPCLUES deals/coupons are not available at the moment.

Shopclues Online Shopping Site India

Shopclues is one of the best online shopping website in India. Shopclue offers unique products at extremely best price. Users can browse variety of products across wide range of categories on shopclues website, shopclues mobile site, shopclues app. goal is to make customers happy with their shopping by providing excellent customer services and offering products for best price. Some of the best features of shopclues are authentic & quality products, outstanding customer service, world class shipping and buyer protection. Some of the best selling categories at are shopclues watches, shopclues mobiles, shopclues clothing, shopclues shoes and more. Shopclues offers unboxed & refurbished gadgets for low price. Shopclues factory outlet offers big brands products like Numero Uno, Live-IN Jeans, Panasonic and more for affordable price.

Shopclues Coupons, Shopclues Promo Codes & Shopclues Offers

Online shoppers like shopclue because of shopclues offers and shopclues deals. Shopclues online shopping offers include shopclues offers of the day, sunday flea market, diwali offers and shopclues end of season sale. There is an offer section on shop clues website which lists latest shopclues coupons, shopclues offers, deals of the day products across categories. This section gets updated daily with latest product deals.

Our Shopclues Cashback Offers

DealsNCashback's online shopping offers include Shopclues offers. Our dedicated team collects, collates & verifies daily all Shopclues offers, Shopclues promo codes, Shopclues coupons so you get valuable offers & right deals at right time. We always want to make sure that you never miss any Shopclues offers.

That is not all, on top of discounted price you get with Shopclues online sale, Shopclues promo code & Shopclues coupon code, you can earn cashback on your orders by shopping at Shopclues through Cashback is paid by So every time you want shop, visit, view offers, visit Shopclues and save a lot on shopping. Other online shopping cashback offers you may like are Amazon cashback & coupons and Flipkart cashback & coupons.



Upto Rs. 0 Cashback & 20 Coupons


Upto Rs. 0 Cashback & 0 Coupons


Upto 5% Cashback & 29 Coupons


Upto 7% Cashback & 2 Coupons


Upto 15% Cashback & 67 Coupons


Upto Rs. 0 Cashback & 0 Coupons


Upto 2% Cashback & 2 Coupons


Upto Rs. 0 Cashback & 0 Coupons


Upto 1.75% Cashback & 0 Coupons


Upto 4.5% Cashback & 2 Coupons


Upto Rs. 0 Cashback & 6 Coupons


Upto 3% Cashback & 11 Coupons


Upto 8% Cashback & 37 Coupons


Upto Rs. 50 Cashback & 3 Coupons


Upto Rs. 75 Cashback & 20 Coupons


Upto 11% Cashback & 72 Coupons


Upto Rs. 0 Cashback & 0 Coupons


Upto Rs. 0 Cashback & 0 Coupons


  1. View deals & cashback offers
  2. Compare product price
  3. Visit retailer of your choice from
  4. Shop as usual at retailer website
  5. Earn cashback on your purchases
  6. Cashback gets added to your account
  7. Get paid
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Terms & Conditions

1) Before you visit shopclues web site, you need to login to your dealsncashback account to earn cashback on your purchases at shopclues web site. If you do not have dealsncashback account, you can register for free.

2) . Different cashback amount is paid for orders in different categories view etailed cashback rates for shopclues .

3) Complete your transaction at shopclues web site in the same browser session. We suggest not to visit other web sites in order for us to track your cashback transaction correctly.

4) Qualifying transactions will be tracked and cashback earnings will be credited to your account on dealsncashback website after retailer confirms your transaction and pays us commission. The entire process may take up to 90 days depending on retailers order cancellation and return policy.

5) You will not get Cashback on cancelled or returned purchases.

6) Cashback amount displayed on the website may not match to what is actually paid for transactions as retailers may increase or decrease commission from time to time.